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Dr. Pilar Galiana Abal
Dr. Pilar Galiana Abal
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Ottawa University

Dr Pilar Galiana Abal is a French-educated clinical psychologist with a respecialization in forensic neuropsychology. Her research in psychology is multidisciplinary and marked by her former training as a linguist specializing in Asian languages and as a social anthropologist. Dr Galiana Abal’s main research focuses on 1) the therapeutic processes emanating from devotional ritual performance, 2) the emergence of religious experiences and hyperreligious psychotic-like episodes secondary to acquired brain injuries, and 3) the culturally-related psychotherapeutic processes in diverse populations. Dr Galiana Abal works as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Ottawa University (USA) where she has recently designed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Criminal Psychology. As a psychotherapist, Dr Galiana Abal has experience working with clients of culturally diverse backgrounds and with members of the LGBTQI community, with a particular emphasis in supporting clients with transgender identities during the sex reassignment process. She also worked as a psychotherapist in private practice and rehabilitation facilities with traumatic brain injury survivors. She has created a psychotherapy method (“Narrative Expressive Therapy”) that combines art-therapy, narrative therapy and psychodrama that has proven efficient in terms of enhancing acquired executive function, working memory and autobiographical memory deficits. Dr Galiana Abal has also worked as a forensic psychologist in numerous cases involving violent crime, assessing offenders and victims.

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